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and become a writer who writes

Hi there

Hi, I’m Tina, the person seen with her head buried in a notebook or book. As a dedicated writer, I’ve learned that a creative writing practice doesn’t have to be daunting or subject to procrastination. Join me for a guided writing session, and see for yourself that a writing practice can be simple, worthwhile, and fun. Fill your notebook one page at a time to share the joy of writing

Try a free writing session

Breathe, connect and then write. Follow the easy instructions and at the end of the session congratulate yourself on being a writer who writes.

NaNo Prep 101

Also a NaNowriMo fan. Here I share some posts from my NaNo Prep 101 journey.

Read and get the extra resources I have created along the way.

Start here.

Begin your ✒︎ fill your notebook practice here.

Pick a Notebook

Use this blog post as an excuse to go out and buy a new notebook or choose one you already own. Now is the time to start using it.

Start writing

Skip the fear of the first blank page. Free write with the prompt inside this post and get excited for the journey ahead.

Keep it up

Keep the momentum up. This post outline how to make time for your writing

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