Trying out a New Writing Software

(This is not an affiliate post I just like finding new stuff to try out. )

It can be the greatest way to procrastinate but it can also work as pure inspiration to check out a new writing app. So decide what you are up for now before reading on.

I joined my first NaNoWriMo camp this April, and amongst the sponsors I found Dabble. Now I have it as a free trial for 14 days as a desktop app. My camp project is my new crime fiction story idea “Matter and Flutter” and I have set it up as a folder in Dabble.

I think I found the whole set up process easy because I already know Scrivener. That being said it is a very pretty and intuitive app. I love the brand color and to me, it seems like a simpler version of Scrivener.

My goal for camp is 20000 words. I stayed on track for the first two days meaning that I had to write about 740 words a day. The last two days I have not been writing but the goal and stats column makes it easy for me to adjust.

My next step is to set up the plot grid. That is actually what convinced me to try out Dabble. I like how I can move around in the grid and how the overview gives my story a playing field to set up the highs and lows of the plot. I don’t think I can print it out and I still need to decide which plot structure I will use but the nice clean and cut appearance will help me to structure the story and help me to get the clarity I need to develop the characters.

I am pretty sure I will switch to the paid version once the free trial is over.
How do you prefer to write and set up your story?

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