Tranquility in the midst of commotion

The lilacs were in full bloom when I got the idea for this blog post, but now they are sacking a bit. I let a far too busy June keep me away from my writing practice. The corona restrictions where I live have lifted, and more and more people are getting vaccinated. This means weContinue reading “Tranquility in the midst of commotion”

Write more in March Challenge

At the beginning of the year, I decided to assign four months to write my memoir. Now at the halfway mark, I want to ramp it up to create momentum for the second part of this writing phase. So I have created a Write More in March challenge for myself. My goal is to writeContinue reading “Write more in March Challenge”

Set your word count target with the suit of diamonds

Pick a card. If it is from the suit of diamonds it is time to decide which length of text you are going to write. You can decide between words, sentences,paragraphs and chapters. I usually go for number of words or sentences. So if I chose sentences it would look something like this | IContinue reading “Set your word count target with the suit of diamonds”

Write what you know but also write to learn what you don’t know yet.

Repetitive writing advice is to write what you know. When applied to writing a book it makes sense because you want the story to invoke confidence in the reader. A reader doesn’t want to read about details that give away how the author has stumbled her way forward. They want to be absorbed with whatContinue reading “Write what you know but also write to learn what you don’t know yet.”

A Writing Pledge for a New Year

This is the first blog post of the year. Perhaps that is the reason why I am having trouble writing it. I want it to cover everything because I always get so excited about the new year ahead. But truth be told what I needed this year was to light a candle and sit inContinue reading “A Writing Pledge for a New Year”

Day 2 Book Your Year | The Weekly Questions

This is the second post I share which is connected to the creation and sharing of the Book Your Year Planner – 90 days at a time. Leading up to new year’s eves I will share pages from the planner as a free printable. Today it is the weekly calendar page. Read on if you wantContinue reading “Day 2 Book Your Year | The Weekly Questions”