Back to School Schedule for Writers

Free printables ready for download in this post| This is my schedule for the fall semester | For my first week, this will look like the following. Day 1 I have taken up my speculative fiction project again and I have a lot of already written material but because it has been a while sinceContinue reading “Back to School Schedule for Writers”

My go at keeping a Commonplace Book using index cards

In a way, I have always kept some form of a commonplace book but the notes have been scattered all across my notebooks and journals and therefore more or less useless. I love the idea that I can keep it all in one place with the use of index cards. This is how I did it.

What Kind of a Journal Could I keep as a Writer

I want to link my journaling more tightly in with my writing practice and novel writing and I will do what is always true of writing – just start.