Keep a Desktop Journal with Mac Stickies

When it comes to journaling, the handwritten approach is often preferred. However, the easy access to my laptop sometimes makes it a more obvious choice to jot down a journal entry for the day. This post is about how I keep a desktop journal on my desktop with Mac Stickies. Step 1 – Desktop wallpaperContinue reading “Keep a Desktop Journal with Mac Stickies”

How to Keep a Nature Journal as a Writer

A nature journal is the perfect tool for writer.
So the same measures I use when going for a walk namely pay attention and be astonished is the same measures with which to choose the words I tell a story. Put a flower in your story and make it stand out in words as beautiful as it does in nature.

Keep it simple with gratitude and poetry

A gratitude journal in tough times I started my first gratitude journal when I was 17 years old. I learned the basics from The Oprah Winfrey Show – list five specific things each day in a few sentences. I liked the idea when I heard about it the first time but my first entry onlyContinue reading “Keep it simple with gratitude and poetry”

My Book Adventure Vol.1 – keep a journal for the book you are writing

It is a new month and this mean I usually break in a new notebook. This month in addition to my regular moleskin notebook I am going to keep a journal that maps out my adventure trying to write a new novel.