Free planner printables for writing in August

August 2021 is just around the corner. For me, that means that vacation time is soon here. So I made these free planner printables for August to make time for both family time and writing. Besides the monthly, weekly, and daily pages, I also made a weekly writing schedule ready for download. The writing scheduleContinue reading “Free planner printables for writing in August”

Write more in March Challenge

At the beginning of the year, I decided to assign four months to write my memoir. Now at the halfway mark, I want to ramp it up to create momentum for the second part of this writing phase. So I have created a Write More in March challenge for myself. My goal is to writeContinue reading “Write more in March Challenge”

Connect with why you want to write a memoir

I have second-guessed myself on several occasions about my decision to write a memoir. Is it self-indulgent, is it worth the effort, does it get boring to sit with my story day in and day out? Can I at all do it? To have a strong why silences those doubts that show up. In thisContinue reading “Connect with why you want to write a memoir”

A Writing Pledge for a New Year

This is the first blog post of the year. Perhaps that is the reason why I am having trouble writing it. I want it to cover everything because I always get so excited about the new year ahead. But truth be told what I needed this year was to light a candle and sit inContinue reading “A Writing Pledge for a New Year”