NaNo Prep 101 Journey + extra resources

My First Week of NaNo Prep 101 + free dot grid printable

First week of NaNo Prep 101 Every year I have trouble finishing NaNoWriMo. I start strong and then it just sizzles out. To prevent this from happening I have to do something different this year. That is why I am very happy to resort to the NaNo Prep resource site. Here they share a lot […]

Create characters with questionnaires.

The NaNo Prep site has a generous and fun list of resources. I throw in an extra one in this blog post.
Here are some of the things I came up with after answering the questions from the workbook and the additional questions from the blog post.

NaNo Prep 101 week three | Outline with Flashcards

This week I asked myself whether I will go on with the new idea for NaNoWriMo or finally write the last portion of my speculative fiction novel that I have worked on forever. The Save the Cat method made me realize something important about the middle part of that story, which could help the plot […]

Nano Prep 101 week four | Story Bible world-building

Story bible and world-building The times I have considered making a Story bible for my speculative fiction novel, it has felt like an excuse for procrastination. Though fun, I suspected I wouldn’t write much. I thought of it as an elaborate background story gone wild, but it made me a lot wiser when I looked […]

NaNo Prep 101 week 5+6 | Schedule and Tools

In this post, I share how, where, and when I will complete NaNoWriMo with all the NaNo Prep 101 done. I share my schedule and tools for tracking words and time. How | Committing to the Word Count It is an effective way to out my inner critic to participate in NaNoWriMo. My ego is […]

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