My First Week of NaNo Prep 101 + free dot grid printable

Free dot grid printable for bullet journal

Every year I have trouble finishing NaNoWriMo. I start strong and then it just sizzles out. To prevent this from happening I have to do something different this year. That is why I am very happy to resort to the NaNo Prep resource site. Here they share a lot of ideas and resources shared over six weeks to get ready for November.

My Week 1 of NaNo Prep

I like to generate ideas by doing a brainstorm and one of my favorite exercises from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is to list everything you love. So the prompt for the first week of prepping was perfect for me. Here is the list I came up with. (go to the site for full instructions). I also took a look at my Mac Safari reading list to see what I had found interesting enough to save.

My list of 20

  1. The roaring twenties
  2. Highland cattle
  3. Hot air ballons
  4. Old maps
  5. Notebooks
  6. Libraries
  7. The Ocean
  8. Survival skills
  9. Photographs
  10. British crime series
  11. Family gossip and tales from the past
  12. Random facts from encyclopedias
  13. The habits of writers
  14. Theology
  15. Declutter
  16. Cross fit documetaries
  17. Storytelling
  18. Golf
  19. Tarot
  20. Argentina

For the six weeks of prepping I am using the bullet journal method to keep it all together. The image below shows a snippet from the first week. I also created a printable A4 dot grid bullet journal pdf for filling out more pages.

Nevertheless, I ended up preferring the plot generated idea from the first plot link suggested by the NaNo Prep 101 resource site over my own. I share it on my Instagram in a story/highlight.

A twist to the list

Things often end up on our list because they invoke a special kind of feeling but I also like to work the other way around. I come up with a feeling or emotion and then I pair it with a thing or a place which I associate with that same feeling or emotion. To make it easy on myself I have a deck of cards where I have written down all kinds of emotions and then I just draw one and put down the first thing that comes to mind on paper. I also include the ones that have a more negative aspect to it because let’s be honest sometimes we also love to dislike something. I will use this exercise to develop the story idea from the plot generator.

Looking forward to week 2 (September 20-28) themed Create complex characters.

NaNo Prep 101 week one develop a story idea

Bullet journal Keep a journal

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