Day 4 | Journal

Length: one page

In the last couple of days, you have gathered clues. One word has guided your path back in time and into the future. I hope some of it left you feeling surprised and delighted. Perhaps you are also a little bored with the word. That is why it is time to make new memories by experiencing something new. Use half a page to plan out how to have a new encounter with your word. Leave the second half of the page blank, and then write a log entry after having gone on the adventure.

My word was a kite. I wrote about building a kite as a child, and I imagined how I paraglided over the ocean in the future. My daughter loves Sky from Paw Patrol because she can fly, so for today, I want to go outside with her and play with a kite in the field. I hope your word inspired your writing this week. Writing is like flying free to me.

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