Day 1 | Book

Length: one page

In this exercise, we will conjure up ideas for books to write and then go with the one that feels the most exciting.

Perhaps you are already through a first draft, or you are thinking, who am I to ever write a book.

We will take it slow in this course. Think of these five days with your book idea as the first date with someone. You want to show up as your best self, but you are not committing to marriage or anything. And just to let you know, you as a writer is a catch for any book!


  • At the top of the page, write My Book Ideas

  • List everything from old ideas to new ones, titles, genres you want to try, an idea for a character, etc. If it feels like an idea, write it down without overthinking it.

  • If you think you are at a total blank, write down the stories you would have loved to have created. Is there a common theme or genre? Take this as a hint and ask yourself, if I were to tell a story about this theme or in this genre, what could it be? Write them down.

  • With all of your ideas down on paper, circle the one that excites you the most. You will return to this idea in the exercise for tomorrow.

Note – If you already have an idea for the book you want to write, use this exercise as a resource page, and when a new idea presents itself, add it to this list and know you can return to it later.

For accountability or if you have any questions ↓

Did you come up with an idea?