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At the end of this post I share a free printable of ten activities to do to have a fun staycation as a writer.

But first I share how I plan to have a relaxing and recharging writing-related week.

I am looking forward to the upcoming week. I have decided to take the week off to relax and recharge. I am sure it will benefit my writing when I return to my writing working hours later in August.

Writing outside

I prefer to write in a notebook when writing outside to avoid the screen reflections from the laptop. A change of location (even in my own home and garden) always does something to my writing I become more alert and present and when I sit with a cold drink and the scent of sunscreen every cell in my body relaxes.

A week without TV

As a devoted Netflix binger, this is a tough one. However, I know I will enjoy a week without the flicker from a screen. I still remember how it felt as a child when we went camping for a week without TV. It somehow makes the day feel lighter. And I just finished season two of Succession so I anyhow need a new show to watch.


I love my daily walks but they aren’t longer than an hour and I miss the feeling of walking the Camino. So I will get out my backpack and set aside a day and walk until I get tired feet and a happy heart.


Time for Scrabble and when nobody wants to play I will sit with a crossword. When I went on vacation at my grandmother’s house we would sit on the porch the whole afternoon solving crosswords while eating strawberries and ice cream.

Come up with a writing challenge

I had a difficult time coming up with an idea that didn’t felt like more work for this one. But when writing this post I landed on an idea that got me excited. In addition, to write and send a postcard I will get five or seven postcards and write one to myself every day of this staycation. It will become a nice little keepsake from this week and it is a manageable challenge that I will think is fun every day.

Back to school supplies

The thing I miss most about being at school and university is getting new back to school supplies. I love the smell of new crisp pencils and the feeling of an unused notebook. Before I but anything new I will stock up my pencil case with my favorite pens and I will take out a new Moleskine notebook. I already bought some textliners, a glue stick, and some lined sticky notes. Then I will begin a wish list for the rest.

Order 5 books

This also doesn’t have to cost any money. I will browse the local library website and put in a reservation for five books I will read in August. To make it fun I will either find five books on a specific subject, or by the same author, or novels set in a specific country. I think I will theme it about Russia. That way I get to travel a bit this year after all.

Visit a lake

I could combine this one with my hiking expedition. I live by a beautiful lake and I could walk around it. I will make sure to bring my notebook and take a break by the lake.

Hammock time

This takes a bit of preparation for I don’t have one yet. I also need to find two trees in the garden where I can tie and set up the hammock. But I can’t wait to lay down and look up into the sky and perhaps even the stars in the night.

Send postcards

Even though I am just staying at home for this vacation week doesn’t mean I can’t find some nice postcards and write a flash of the day paragraph and send it as a greeting to someone I care about. This I will do on the last day of my staycation as a way of wrapping up what I hope will be a great week of relaxation and fun.

I made this checklist as a PDF printable for anyone who wants a week of writing-related relaxation and recharging activities. (for best result print as A4 without borders

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