Let Your Book Idea Have Its Say

Let Your Book Idea Have Its Say

Meeting My Non Fiction Book Idea For The First Time In a Café

Actually it was an old story, still lingering in my heart, who showed up in the cafe in which I was sitting. The fog outside made it a safe magical bubble for me to rekindle this old flame. Sitting there starring into the soon to be pages of this new found connection I was flooded with scenes, images, lines and memories so vividly that it almost seemed to color up the fog outside. I left the café with the feeling –

Now is the perfect time for this story to be written.

However I kept rescheduling the next date.

Why did I do that. Afraid that there was no more to be found? That I was not up for it? After all perhaps it was not the right match me and this idea.

I decided to set up another date. This time it is going to be a candlelight dinner – I mean to woe it again to make up for my silence. And I am making it clear that I am ready to listen again.

Listening to Your Big Book Idea

A free printable with speech bubbles. I use this to have a conversation with my book idea

Draw in some speech bubbles in your notebook or print this chat sheet made for this post.

Ever had a inner conversation in your head between yourself and another part. Did it ever spin into something not helpfull. Did the other part actually have their say in this inner dialogue?

A writing project is like a conversation often with you as the main listener.

Download the chat sheet and start a conversation. If you stall then inject the word really – What I really want to say is . . .

You can print it out more than once. One for different conversations or sketch it out in your notebook.

  • First argument
  • Remember the first time you met
  • Best times
  • Worst times
  • It is not you it is me
  • I love it when you . . .
  • What are your hopes and dreams
  • The first time you say I love you
  • The first time you hear the three words from your idea
  • Texting about when to meet next time
  • Flirting

I hope this excersise will bring some fun into what sometimes can seem as a daunting dare. To let love in – also your love of writing.

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