Find encouragement to write by listening to the lilacs

Length: 10 minutes
Writing session. Find encouragement to write from the white and purple lilacs

Lilacs are given as encouragement to graduates as a way to say we believe in you. They signal confidence. Looking out the right lower corner of the window, I am sitting in front of, I see white and light and deep purple lilacs. This morning to find some encouragement to write I also put some of them on my writing desk.

Take a look at the picture and be ready with a notebook and pen.

Find encouragement and confidence to write by listening to the lilacs

Imagine each lilac showing you the confidence they have in you as a writer. Let each of them encourage you in three different ways. Put in writing what the white one and the light purple and the deep purple are telling you. Don’t overthink it just have fun and write. As the lilacs, I cheer you on in your writing endeavors. And I hope this writing session has offered you some encouragement to write with confidence.

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