How to fall in love with your journal

Journaling makes you settle into your heart, and from here love flows. In the following, I share how to fall in love with your journal again and how you can assembly your own DIY writing ritual box.

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Free printables for how to fall in love with your journal using a writing box

Why a writing ritual box?

Grab a cup of coffee. Sit down at your desk and write. Occasionally write at a café. The above has been my proven strategy for many years. Habits are good for creativity to flow.

However, things can stall or get too comfortable. The same way you would renew your wardrobe, once in a while, or even go for a complete make-over, try the same with your writing habits and rituals.

Do not drop everything and move to an island. Instead, tweak some magic into your everyday writing practice.

I love to do this by making a date with my writing. And I start by assembling a ritual writing box.

How to fall in love with your journal using a writing box

The container

For your DIY box, use things already in the house. Spend the extra cash on new notebooks.

I have chosen a wooden box, which I used for color crayons.

How to fall in love with your journal using a writing box

The Journal

The first item that goes into my box is my notebook. My approach to writing and productivity is to fill a notebook each month.

An old advertising campaign asked parents, Did you spend time with your child today? Luckily I can say yes to this but I also make sure that I can answer in the same affirmative way when I ask myself, did I spend time with my notebook today?

Other items

Now I have the box and the notebook. I go with a white pen, and in the smaller compartment, I put a Tarot card and a quote. For this writing date, I picked the 8th of Wands tarot card. If you want to work with the same card get the free printable. If you are not into tarot, still get the free printable and let the quote by William Wordsworth inspire you.

I also make room for my earplugs. This week I am listening to The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck. In the introduction, she shares how the word integrity means whole and complete. I believe a way to get to a sense of wholeness is through the act of writing. I also pick a small vase to put some flowers on the desk.

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Now for the writing date and how to fall in love with your journal

  • Create your writing box
  • Schedule a date
  • At your writing date bring your box, unpack, set up, and settle in.
  • Now it is time to write in your journal. Let your heart breathe.

By doing this prep work you have committed to letting your heart breathe. When you show up for your writing date, I almost guarantee you will fall in love with your journal all over again.

For another writing-ritual try this morning practice.


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