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As a dedicated writer, I’ve learned that a creative writing practice doesn’t have to be daunting or subject to procrastination. Join me for a guided writing session, and see for yourself that a writing practice can be simple, worthwhile, and fun. Fill your notebook one page at a time to share the joy of writing

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Dance the tango on the typewriter
This week I am reading Absolutely on Music by Haruki Murakami. Reading the quote below, I remembered one of the first posts I wrote here, The rushing rhythm of writing. It …
How to deal with old journals – keep or toss?
I am in the process of moving as we are selling our house. The decluttering is in full gear and I had to ask the difficult question how to deal with …
How to fall in love with your journal
Journaling makes you settle into your heart, and from here love flows. In the following, I share how to fall in love with your journal again and how you can assembly …
Start a manifesting journal
A manifesting practice for January The first part of the word manifesting derives from the Latin word manus, meaning hand. As a writer who equally loves typing and filling notebooks with my handwriting, …

NaNo Prep 101

Also a NaNowriMo fan. Here I share some posts from my NaNo Prep 101 journey.

Read and get the extra resources I have created along the way.

Begin your ✒︎ fill your notebook practice here.

Keep it up

Keep the momentum up. This post outline how to make time for your writing

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