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Ready for a new month of writing. I need the clarity a calendar and planner gives me. If you are the same, feel free to download the free PDF pages from the Book Your Year Planner – 90 days at a time and get into the flow of your writing dream and commitment.

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Write down your appointments and mark the available days for writing and reading. My goal for February 2021 is to stay on track with the reading challenge I am taking part of and to take active part in the online writing group I joined in January. What is your writing goal for February?

To stay on track and not be too distracted by a new idea I write down what my focus will be each week. I do this by answering the two questions at the top of the weekly calendar.

I am still working through the book Save the Cat writes a novel. So for the first week of February 2021, I am researching/exploring the debate beat and follow up with the break into two and the B story for the remaining weeks.

My weekly journal questions I still get from the worksheet from the blog post weekly journal questions.

I am sticking with the routines I described in the morning routine post and the evening routine post.

When I tic of every circle for a full month of writing, the reward will be a new journal. How many days will you be writing in February? it doesn’t have to be every day to trigger the reward. You decide

However, if you go for a full month of writing it becomes easier if you know how you spend your time during a day. To track that easily the new addition to the planner is this daily schedule.

Have fun planning and hopefully it will mean a good month of writing and reading.


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