Tranquility in the midst of commotion

The lilacs were in full bloom when I got the idea for this blog post, but now they are sacking a bit. I let a far too busy June keep me away from my writing practice. The corona restrictions where I live have lifted, and more and more people are getting vaccinated. This means weContinue reading “Tranquility in the midst of commotion”

Start a home library | Where to start – dictionaries

I am organizing all of my books to start a home library. I have always dreamt of having a private library in my home so this spring I have decided to start building one from my collections of books. But where to start? I have decided to first organize my dictionaries. To do this IContinue reading “Start a home library | Where to start – dictionaries”

Write what you know but also write to learn what you don’t know yet.

Repetitive writing advice is to write what you know. When applied to writing a book it makes sense because you want the story to invoke confidence in the reader. A reader doesn’t want to read about details that give away how the author has stumbled her way forward. They want to be absorbed with whatContinue reading “Write what you know but also write to learn what you don’t know yet.”

Affirmations for writers

I made this short audio clip which I this month will listen to before I start my writing sessions. It is a quick way to remind myself of the stuff I already know but easily can forget from day today. I open my mind to the abundance of ideasGrowing as a writer is fun and,Continue reading “Affirmations for writers”

A Writing Pledge for a New Year

This is the first blog post of the year. Perhaps that is the reason why I am having trouble writing it. I want it to cover everything because I always get so excited about the new year ahead. But truth be told what I needed this year was to light a candle and sit inContinue reading “A Writing Pledge for a New Year”

How to Build a Writing Practice around Daily Prompts

Two problems of a daily writing practice Writing takes practice. But as a writer, I often face two problems. The first one is the same someone might face going to the gym namely to actually go. In this instance to sit down by the desk. The second one is what do I write when IContinue reading “How to Build a Writing Practice around Daily Prompts”