Bullet Journal – one line a day spread

I have been away from the Bullet Journal for a long time. That is why I wanted to keep it simple now that I have started again. Apart from the basics spreads and collections, I wanted to create a one-line-a day spread as the first addition to my new journal. The one line a dayContinue reading “Bullet Journal – one line a day spread”

Keep a Desktop Journal with Mac Stickies

When it comes to journaling, the handwritten approach is often preferred. However, the easy access to my laptop sometimes makes it a more obvious choice to jot down a journal entry for the day. This post is about how I keep a desktop journal on my desktop with Mac Stickies. Step 1 – Desktop wallpaperContinue reading “Keep a Desktop Journal with Mac Stickies”

Weekly journal questions for the first quarter

My new journal habit is to ask myself the same question each day for a week. In this way, I get to dig deeper than I otherwise would. In this post, I share a free printable with 9 questions to ask in February and March and PDF letter paper to use for journaling or insertsContinue reading “Weekly journal questions for the first quarter”

Nano Prep 101 week four | Story Bible world-building

Story bible and world-building The times I have considered making a Story bible for my speculative fiction novel, it has felt like an excuse for procrastination. Though fun, I suspected I wouldn’t write much. I thought of it as an elaborate background story gone wild, but it made me a lot wiser when I lookedContinue reading “Nano Prep 101 week four | Story Bible world-building”

My First Week of NaNo Prep 101 + free dot grid printable

First week of NaNo Prep 101 Every year I have trouble finishing NaNoWriMo. I start strong and then it just sizzles out. To prevent this from happening I have to do something different this year. That is why I am very happy to resort to the NaNo Prep resource site. Here they share a lotContinue reading “My First Week of NaNo Prep 101 + free dot grid printable”

Travel Journal | Florence

I have been to Florence Italy twice and both times I loved it. I am looking forward to visiting Italy again someday when the Coronavirus is over. Until then I will pay a visit in some other way which I share in this post. At the end of the post, I share how all thisContinue reading “Travel Journal | Florence”