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Hi, there

My name is Betina and I am a writer and the creator of Writingdates. I am a multipassionate gemini but always guided by the love of stories.

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The Museful Scribe's archive

The September Strangeness of Beginnings

The September Strangeness of Beginnings

Cultivate a beginner's mind this September. ...more

Life of a writer

September 01, 20234 min read

The Wingspan of a Writer

The Wingspan of a Writer

The abruption (aka family vacation time) from a peaceful daily writing rhythm calls for tranquility amidst the commotion. The owls takes flight in stealth mode out of the round hole at the gable end.... ...more

Life of a writer

July 14, 20232 min read

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I write to ground and connect. I write to fly and soar free.

I write because of beauty, truth, freedom and love



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