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August 2023: The Museful Scribes Monthly Map for Creative Writing

July 30, 20232 min read

Set up a Writing Practice for August:

During July I have been busy with Camp NaNoWriMo. In August I am still working on my book but I also want to go back to my creative writing practice. To do this I use the Oracle Book so I always know what to focus on for my practice. Below I share how you can do the same.

In this blog post:

  • You get an instant download of an August monthly calendar

  • + 7 free prompts with questions and answers from the Oracle book

  • and the link to download the Oracle book for free - Practical and inspirational guidance for writers

August free printable

Click image to get August calendar as an instant download

Try a new writing practice in August

Last month I created the Oracle Book PDF. By referring to the oracle table you can access over 700 prompts. In this blog post I share 7 of them. One prompt for the first seven days of August.

If you get the free PDF yourself it works like this - you pick a number between 1-48 and then a letter from A-O and then refer to the oracle table. In this blog post I have selected the numbers and letters and share the questions and answers given.

To keep it easy I choose the numbers 1-7 to corelate with the first seven days of August. And below you can see the letters

august calendar with letters

August 2023 Writing prompts

Questions and answers from the Oracle Book

  1. +N - How can I ignite my passion for writing? - Write down the reasons given for why you won a literary prize

  2. +D - What is the next step I can take on my creative journey? - Write down three steps you could take that feels like fun

  3. +F - How can I explore deep connections and relationships in my writing? Write about a first meeting

  4. +J - How can I tap into my intuition to enhance my storytelling? Practice mindfulness throughout todays writing process

  5. +E - How does my writing reflect my values? -Write about silence and noise

  6. +M - How can I engage the sense of smell during the day? Write about your favourite smell

  7. +A - How can I ground the protagonist and create the setting? Show a strong family bond that provides a sense of security and support for the protagonist


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Happy writing - I hope you have fun with your writing practice in August

If you want to get an overview of August you can get the instant access to the August Monthly Calendar here

writing prompts August
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