A Writing Pledge for a New Year

This is the first blog post of the year. Perhaps that is the reason why I am having trouble writing it. I want it to cover everything because I always get so excited about the new year ahead.

But truth be told what I needed this year was to light a candle and sit in the flicker from the flame and be quiet in the barely noticeable scratching from the fountain pen across the paper.

Doing this I reconnected with my love of writing which never goes away but sometimes dwindles in the mix of obligations.

From those first days of solitary writing, I made this pledge to guide me for the rest of the year |

With pen and paper in hand, I solemnly swear to lift my spirit into the realm of telling stories. Here I walk with an open and receptive heart to hear and listen to all the voices of untold songs. With pen and paper, I take the creatives’ oath to come back once again to write the story I am here to tell.

If you want to make your own writing pledge print out this PDF free printable to brainstorm or write it down on. I think I will make it a part of the 2021 Planner Book Your Year I am working on. Because after giving myself the time and space to sit in silence I am again ready for plans and dreams to unfold because now I know they come from a place of love (For other resources from the planner go here)

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