90 day planner for writers and readers

Book Your Year 90 Day Planner – 2nd Quarter 2021

This planner is for writers and readers who want to quit feeling overwhelmed and focus instead on all the stories they want to write and read

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Spring is here and so is a new quarter. It is time to fill three new months with the joy of writing and reading.

Use The Book Your Year Planner as a regular planner but remember to add any writing and reading goals and dreams.

For best result print as A4 without border. And print as many of one copy of a page as you need.

Free PDF download ready to print ↓


  • April, May, June dates and days.
  • Month calendar
  • Monthly project page
  • Writing chain
  • Books to read page


  • Week calendar
  • Writing prompts checklist
  • Writing schedule
  • Letter paper


  • Morning and evening routine
  • Journal pages
  • Daily planner
  • Time tracker

If this has inspired you to write more please share in the comment. I would love to know

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