Start a manifesting journal

A manifesting practice for January

The first part of the word manifesting derives from the Latin word manus, meaning hand. As a writer who equally loves typing and filling notebooks with my handwriting, I like to think of manifesting as, “What do I want to bring into reality with my hands”. To explore this question as a writer, I want to start a manifesting journal

Use a red notebook to start a manifesting journal

The red notebook

In her book Miracles Now Gabrielle Bernstein points to the colors associated with abundance in the Feng shui tradition. Green, red, and gold. Instead of bringing in more money with a red wallet, I thought I would invite an abundance of words with a red notebook. This will be my manifesting journal.

[The idea of the red notebook led me to another idea. I don’t know a lot about chakra work but I know roughly the basics of each chakra and the color associated with each. Red belongs to the first chakra- the root chakra so I thought I would find an orange notebook for February. I want to fill a new notebook each month so the one for March will be yellow and so on following the chakras].

In the red notebook, I will use the two prompts

  • What do I want to bring into reality with my hands?
  • Where do I want writing to lead me this year?

I believe that by writing it down it is on the way because it inspires me to do the work.

A writing session for the manifesting journal

If this has inspired you to start a manifesting journal follow the link below to engage in a writing session and begin to fill your journal

The writing session is inspired by a prompt from the book Old friend from far away by Natalie Goldberg. Her prompt asks you to finish the line I remember . . .the following prompt is then to write about what you don’t remember.

Instead, I ask you to free-write on I am, I am not, and I am becoming . . .

Go to the free writing session and watch the video for inspiration and instructions.

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