Morning meditation ritual

Part one of my daily morning rituals

I let this part of my morning practice slide for a long time, which left my foggy brain in charge for too long. This winter, I returned to a daily practice where the morning meditation ritual is again the first part of my day.

I wake up, and before I get out of bed, I listen to a guided meditation on my phone for five to fifteen minutes. This makes me feel clear in my head and ready to start the day.

Sometimes I wait until I am seated at my home desk, but that means I have had my coffee, and I can feel the caffeine kicking in while I try to settle into the meditation. However, the meditation makes me feel afresh and eager to go on with the task ahead.

Gabby Bernstein’s meditations are some of my favorites. Carrie Green from the female entrepreneur association also shares some good visualizations. I use the ones from their respective member’s sites, but they both offer audios for free as well. Insight timer is also a really generous app.

Here are the links

A morning meditation ritual for writers

I use visualizations, affirmations, and different kinds of meditations as part of my daily writing rituals.

Recently I started to think it would be nice to create some audios myself. Writing my speculative fiction book, I made this short audio with Affirmations for writers. I want to create a meditation for writing to start 2022 with an even stronger morning meditation ritual.

If you would be interested in a morning meditation for writers, I will let you know when I have created and recorded it. Just sign up below, and I will share it with you when the audio is ready.

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