Christmas countdown writing challenge

christmas countdown December writing chain

Love the time of Christmas and also want to make time for some writing – join the Christmas countdown writing challenge.

It is the first day of December, and I am sitting at my desk looking out at the snow. Last year my daughter was too young to understand all the festivities of Christmas but today we started the day with the first of 24 small presents and in the afternoon when the sun has set we will light a candle that counts down the days to Christmas.

It is a day of hygge and a nice way to start a month of celebration and family time. On the flip side, I also know that it can be a busy month where I lose focus and become a little grinch-like.

That is why I decided to make a Christmas countdown writing challenge for myself. Because when I make time to write every day it gets me in a better mood and what better way to anticipate the holidays than doing stuff you love.

Free printable – Christmas countdown writing challenge

I made this printable with a chain of 25 circles. Either tick one of each day until the 25th of December, for 25 writing prompts or just for 25 times of sitting down to write.

A little girl in my family knew she wouldn’t be home a couple of days in December and instead of throwing a tantrum for being away from the countdown chocolate calendar, she got so excited about the return date where she would be able to eat four pieces. I have decided to adopt the same attitude. If I skip a day of writing, I will double up the next day.

I like a challenge to entail a reward. The reward could be some chocolate, but Christmas is pretty heavy on the candy, so if I tick every circle in the challenge, I will reward myself with a beautiful candle for January.

I think this writing challenge is a nice way to round up the year, which started with this writing pledge

I started the year writing next to a candle. Now I will end the year by writing next to a Christmas candle that counts down the days to Christmas eve. If I complete the challenge I come full circle, and I am ready to write next to a new candle in the new year.

Merry Christmas and I hope the printable makes you want to write some more this December.

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