How I use a book journal as a writer

I have several ways of keeping track of the books I read as a writer - one of them is my Moleskine Book Journal

This blog post is about how I use a book journal as a writer but if you don’t have a book journal yet, track your reading with the free printable below.

Action step | If you want something right away to keep track of your reading you can download this free printable (no e-mail asked) by clicking the button below.

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The Moleskine Book Journal

I have kept track of the books I have been reading since 2011. At first, I used a little notebook which I decorated with clippings of book covers I would find in book magazines. Today I use the Book Journal from Moleskine. It has a lot of features but usually, I just jot down the book title, the name of the author, and the date
read. However I also write down a favorite quote and this is how I use a book journal as a writer.

I love quotes and often think while reading that I should write down
favorite sentences but instead, I keep on reading, believing that I will be able to find the quote again. Sometimes I do, but most often, I flip through the pages not able to find the paragraph again. That is why I have tried to make a habit out of writing it down in my Moleskine book journal in the assigned box. Apart from seeing the accumulative list of books I can now read through the quotes in the assigned box for each book.
This gathering of quotes is my favorite part of keeping a journal of my reading.

Action step| Write down a favorite quote from the book you are currently reading and also write down what it is you like about it.

I hope you feel inspired to start, take up again or expand how you keep track of your books and reading. Happy reading and writing.

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