Bullet Journal – one line a day spread

The bullet journal - one line a day is a quick win to write everyday + free dot grid printable to download

I have been away from the Bullet Journal for a long time. That is why I wanted to keep it simple now that I have started again. Apart from the basics spreads and collections, I wanted to create a one-line-a day spread as the first addition to my new journal.

The one line a day Bullet Journal spread.

The one-line-a-day spread is a great way to write every day because it makes time for reflection and gives a quick overview of the month. It is a quick win if you want to write every day.

I have kept it very simple. I wrote down the headline and then made a list of numbers. Each morning I write something memorable from the previous day in one sentence.

Example of a bullet journal – one line in a day entry:

The cat hovering over the grass snake curled up in front of the kitchen door

13th of July 2021

Here is a free dot grid printable if you want to try it out or use it as a daily insert for your planner/journal


(Print as borderless for best result)

If you want to download the printable with another color border, go to this blog post

Next month I want a one-line-a-day spread for both my personal life and my professional life.

If you want some more inspiration for how to set it up, I made a board on Pinterest called Bullet Journal | one line a day

Why I am going back to the Bullet Journal Method

The reason I haven’t used my bullet journal for a long time is that I forgot all the features it has. This time I read The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. It is such a great read and filled with practical advice and how-to while at the same time backing it up with research and lived experiences.

I love to learn and my preferred way has always been through books. How did you learn about the Bullet Journal Method?

I have moved my daily morning and evening reflection into my Bullet Journal. Now it is so much easier to manage the day. Which again makes it much more likely to inspire a beautiful line of the day.

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