NaNoWriMo Camp the glamping way

NaNoWriMo Camp the glamping way

I decided to do camp in July when I saw they were doing the memoir track. Because it is July, I want to relish the fact that it is summer and dive into the holiday feeling of not having any obligations. That is why I have decided to do NaNoWriMo Camp the glamping way.

Glamping – blend of GLAMOUR or GLAMOROUS and camping Dictionary, s.v. “glamping,” accessed July 3, 2021,

Since that decision, the rain has been pouring down. So I turned a play tent in the nursery into my writing spot this July.

Which immediately meant an idea for a children’s book. Idea overload is a recurring issue for me but the tent also wraps me in the feeling of simplicity.

My goal is to write the proposal for my memoir Golden Broken Ladder and outline some missing chapters. What is your goal for NaNoWriMo Camp July 2021?

Normally I would just plan out the month but this July, I will also list how to make this writing experience a glamping getaway each day. I share the printable I use down below for FREE.

It is just day three of NaNoWriMo, so this is what I have listed so far.

  • some pillows
  • a new notebook
  • flowers

NaNoWriMo Camp the glamping way

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This month of writing is one of comfort and luxury and, I am going to enjoy this writing getaway. When the weather improves, I will leave my tent hideaway and go on a day trip to the nearby lake. I will pack a picnic basket with a cold beverage and a nice snack and write in my notebook while enjoying the view. Knowing that my new glamping writing spot is waiting for me at home.

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