Getting ready for NaNoFinMo

The theme for Nanowrimo camp in April is perfect for me. I already planned to finish my memoir in April and now I get the help from the great writing initiative NaNoWriMo.

Read on or scroll down for a free printable

I announced my project yesterday. If you want to be writing buddies look up writingdates or write your username in the comments so we can find each other. I can’t decide if I am joining a writing group or if I need to focus solely on writing. Probably the latter.

Scrivener – document your writing history

I just discovered a feature in Scrivener I haven’t noticed before called Writing history. It tracks the days you have been writing during each month and each year and lists the word count.

It is possible to export the data and then open it as a spreadsheet. I want to be able to do this at the end of April showing me that I kept the promise to myself writing 18750 words and writing each day for NaNoFinMo.

My goal for NaNoFinMo

I am going to focus on the third act of my memoir and I made a printable to make a plan for what I will work on each day.

To help me I am following the plot structure of Save the Cat writes a novel by Jessica Brody. If I am going to hit my target of 18750 words I will have to write 625 words each day. I will use the printable to write down my word count and what scenes to write.

Are you going for a full NaNoWriMo experience and plan to write 50K words or what are your writing goals for April?

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