Watch a Movie and Write


I like to go to the cinema to watch a movie and then write afterward when I need inspiration.

La La Land and Creative Living

Snow fell heavy on the streets as I stepped into the theatre. It is the last month of winter and the sun has been hiding for a long time. So the opening scene in La La Land “Another Day of Sun” was a sunny break I very much welcomed.

This movie is about what kind of creative outlet brings meaning to our lives. And whether it is enough.

The character played by Ryan Gosling, utters a monologue about jazz. His passion shines through with gestures which he tops with a final statement that jazz must be saved.

Try this |

Write five lines to convey why you love one particular creative outlet. Be specific.

The whole time I was worried the movie would fall through. That it was unoriginal, that they could not sing, that it was too much, that the love story was plain or the whole premise embarrassing. This is the same line of thinking I have when fear creeps into my writing. The second time I watched it, I was much more able to enjoy it, as a tribute to a version of old Hollywood and the love of creative living.

This quote from one of the songs stuck in my head after watching the movie:

“Who knows where it will lead us

And that’s why they need us”

I believe we are all poets and dreamers if brave and supported enough. Both times watching the movie, I danced out of the theatre.

Write along to an Oscar Movie

In many ways, the cinema is our gathering around the fire, listening to stories. Whereas streaming is something like sitting by the rocking chair ending the day with a dose of storytelling.

Get a printable with oscar nominations and winners 2016 and 2017 ( best picture, adapted and original screenplay

Download the printable with the oscar nominations 2016/2017 for best picture, adapted screenplay, and original screenplay. Pick one, then watch a movie and write.

Schedule watching the movie you picked.

Take notes of what works well. Is it the story,  the idea, the dialogue, or the setting? Is there anything  you can learn from the other nominations categories like film editing, cinematography, or costume design?  Can you use it in your writing?

Actions steps

  • Write five lines about the creative outlet you are passionate about?
  • Watch a movie you picked from the Oscar sheet?
  • Practice your writing with what you learned from watching the movie.

Which movie do you look forward to watching and why? – share in the comments for inspiration 🙂

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