Affirmations for writers

I made this short audio clip which I this month will listen to before I start my writing sessions. It is a quick way to remind myself of the stuff I already know but easily can forget from day today.

Life as a writer | Affirmations

I open my mind to the abundance of ideas
Growing as a writer is fun and, I enjoy the ride
I learn with ease
I love my characters. The attention I give them returns to me multiplied.
I am capable and worthy of clarity.
I make time to write.
I use my time today to create exactly what I want.
It is never too late to become what I always wanted to be. A writer.
I now open my eyes with a ready heart and goes about my day as a writer.

Hit play at the beginning of this blog post and listen to the affirmations first thing in the morning or hit play before a writing session to get into the energy of writing.

If it feels right you can listen to it with closed eyes, and if not, listen to it while you are opening up your notebook or a document.

I hope this will interrupt the inner chatter that overtakes the joy of writing with noise and that the affirmations instead invites in the buzzing silence of inspired writing.

Don’t know what to write but feel just any writing prompt is too random? Go here and in a few minutes, you are ready to order a custom-made writing exercise suiting your writing style.

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    […] to create some audios myself. Writing my speculative fiction book, I made this short audio with Affirmations for writers. I want to create a meditation for writing to start 2022 with an even stronger morning meditation […]


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