Weekly journal questions for the first quarter

My new journal habit is to ask myself the same question each day for a week. In this way, I get to dig deeper than I otherwise would.

In this post, I share a free printable with 9 questions to ask in February and March and PDF letter paper to use for journaling or inserts in your planner.

For the first three weeks of the year I have asked these in my journal,

  • week one | how do I show up for abundance
  • week two | what would be fun to do
  • week three | what have I come here to do.

You can choose one of these for the last week of January if you want to try this journaling practice out. I write between one and a half and three pages each day.

I ask them in my morning journal. I have also written down the answers to the three questions from this blog post in my notebook. The ones from the blog post are also used in the printable I share in this post.

It provides a question for each week of February and March and a final review question of the quarter. The printable is related to working on a specific project but if you want to go more general leave out the project part.

If you don’t want to download or print out the PDF here are the questions


  • What do I love (about this project)
  • In what ways does it bring me joy
  • What is the next right step to take
  • How can I/it serve others


  • What is the underlying magic
  • Why am I the one to do it
  • What will help me (make this project a reality)
  • How do I clear the space

Quarterly review

  • What is the journey I have been on this quarter

If you want to use it for a project, fill out the worksheet and follow up by diving deeper each day in your journal or notebook.

If you only want to use them for journaling, use the worksheet for a quick brainstorm, which will become a before snapshot of where you were before you went for a week with the question in your journal.

(the printable is from the Book Your Year Planner – 90 days at a time)

Cherish the enclosed atmosphere of a slower pace, dive deep into your journal and explore the questions one week at a time until everything opens up again.

Is there a specific journal question you can recommend? Perhaps we can inspire each other in the comments below.

You probably already have a journal but if not or you just want to try out one of the questions I have made this three page PDF to write down your answer. It can also be used as an insert in a journal or planner.

I hope this inspires you to write more.

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