Day 3 Book Your Year | Morning routine

This is the third post I share which is connected to the creation and sharing of the Book Your Year Planner – 90 days at a time. Leading up to new year’s eves I will share pages from the planner as a free printable. Today it is the routine sheet. And this post talks about the morning routine.

Read on if you want to . . .

  • get a free printable
  • get intentional about how you start the day
  • pick three actions that align with mind, body, and spirit

The routine you come up with could be the same all year but I like to fill it out each month as a continuous commitment. And sometimes I also like to change things up a bit during the year.

First, print out one worksheet for January, and if you want an overview of the first quarter of 2021 print out two more for February and March.

Lean into your day with intention

If I don’t get an hour to myself in the morning the whole day is slightly off. I use this hour to sit with my notebook or laptop and a cup of coffee. Sometimes I manage to get some work done but most often I switch between journaling, planning, and list my to-dos, and just sit. It works to get my scatterbrain in order. In between a poem or an idea present itself and I write it down for later reference.

I used to take this hour in a cafe but during the last year, I have either been sitting by a small table in my bedroom or at the dinner table in the living room. When my thoughts have been categorized and explored on the page I am ready to step into the day.

The journaling sometimes consists of doing morning pages which Julia Cameron writes about in The Artist’s Way and I believe she is right when she compares this kind of writing with a kind of active meditation. But I also need the planning session as part of my morning routine. In my calendar, this hour goes under the name table-time.

How do you prefer to get intentional about your day?

Mind, Body and Spirit in the Morning

What I just described is my ideal and natural way to start each day but I also recognize that it sometimes leaves me a little bit too much in my head. That’s why I have incorporated a holistic approach in the planner to outline a monthly morning routine. I come up with one thing to do each morning for the body, the mind, and spirit. For the rest of December and for the first month of the new year, I am going on the treadmill for twenty minutes. To align with spirit I am listening to a guided meditation or some mantras. And for now, I keep to my one hour of table-time-writing for the mind but later on I think I will make this a part of my working day and instead make time for some inspirational input or 15 minutes of learning

In the previous two posts, the idea was to get an overview of the month and weeks in order to gain clarity and find the slots available for writing and reading. This morning routine is to set yourself up for the day in a way that makes you feel ready to fill the hours with the things you love.

What will make you feel that you started the day of just right?

Create your perfect morning

    • 1

      Print the PDF above

    • 2

      Journal about how you tap into the day with ease

    • 3

      Come up with three things for mind, body, and spirit you could do in the morning

    The next Book your year post will go through the evening part of the printable and include a printable to declutter paper and resources projects.

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