Day 2 Book Your Year | The Weekly Questions

This is the second post I share which is connected to the creation and sharing of the Book Your Year Planner – 90 days at a time. Leading up to new year’s eves I will share pages from the planner as a free printable. Today it is the weekly calendar page.

Read on if you want to. . .

  • print out a free printable
  • get clear on one thing you will dive into about the story you want to tell or are already writing
  • pick one question for the week to explore each day in your journal

Today I share a printable for the week. I have kept it simple and the idea is to first fill it out with all appointments and then write down the specifics of what you will write, learn, and read.

Print one page out for the first week of January or try it out for the last week of December. To gain an overview of the first quarter of 2021 print out 12 copies in total counting January, February, and March.

Tell the story one small step at a time

Did you ever overwhelm yourself with the story you want to tell or are trying to write? Or get so impressed by all the details in a book that it made you think it would be impossible to do that yourself?

Though it may be important to have an idea of the whole story sometimes it is enough to start with one small detail and then go from there. Do you have an idea to write a story where a whale plays an important role. The first thing to decide on is what kind of whale. Then the next thing could be to learn more about the features of that species. Perhaps you discover a fun fact that will provide the idea for a whole scene. It could also be a dead end but you never know if the information gathered could be used for another story later on.

To keep it simple decide on only one thing you will investigate during the week. Then write in the top box on the weekly calendar.

Discover your own story one question at a time

I have been writing morning pages for many years and they still serve me well. But because it is often the only time I have to journal I would like to home in on bigger questions some more. So I am trying something new (see also the first post in the book your year category) Each week I will pick one question to write about each day. The first question I choose was What will I like to solve creatively? and I think for the first week of January it will be something like what will I be open to experience in 2021? DO you have any good questions to share that you ask yourself on paper?

Dive deeper each week in the new year

  • 1

    Print out the PDF above with the weekly calendar (best result A4 without border)

  • 2

    Settle on ONE thing to explore about the story you want to tell

  • 3

    Choose one question to ask yourself each day of that week in your journal

The next Book your year post will include a printable with space for writing down your specific morning routine.

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