Day 1 Book Your Year | The Monthly Challenge

This is the first post I share which is connected to the creation and sharing of the Book Your Year Planner – 90 days at a time. Leading up to new years eve I will share pages from the planner as a free printable. Today it is the monthly calendar page.

Read on if you want to. . .

  • print out a free printable
  • set a goal for your writing/reading
  • pick a challenge that ignites your mind, body, or spirit

I think a lot of people feel the urge to say goodbye to 2020 with the words no it was you! – not me. Its been a lot more work to review the past year than in previous years. Personally, because in the midst of it all I also became a mother. But putting together the planner has helped me to clear the space for a new year. I hope it will do the same for any reader and writer ready to make 2021 a year for new stories.

Today I share a printable for the whole month. I have kept it simple and the idea is to first fill it out with all appointments and then pick out available slots for writing, learning and reading.

First, print out one for January, and if you want an overview of the first quarter of 2021 print out two more for February and March.

Go for the goal

I hope you have exciting dreams and hopes for 2021. To see my own come true I break them down into tangible goals so the road is as rewarding as the destination. Some of my goals are to write and read more. To do this I have joined a reading challenge and also a writing group. So for January, my goal is to read four books and attend four online writing gatherings. How does an exciting January look for you?

Something new for 2021

In the notes section, I have decided to add a new idea to the mix of the month. First I match either mind, body, or spirit with a challenge.

For January I choose mind. I will go through an old journal each day and highlight ideas and well-crafted sentences I call it Mining the notebook.

For February, the focus will be on the body and the challenge is to get on the treadmill every day for an hour.

For March I will get ready for spring by doing a light meditation each day. Do you have any good ideas for doing a challenge either for the mind, body, or spirit? For the rest of the year, I would like the challenges to revolve around learning something new.

Make January a month of writing and reading

  • 1

    Schedule in time for writing and reading

  • 2

    Write down one actionable goal related to writing or reading

  • 3

    Come up with a challenge related to mind, body, or spirit which excites you.

The next Book your year post will include a weekly schedule from the planner and two specific things to do each week.

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