Nano Prep 101 week four | My First Story Bible

I measure each blog post by whether the ideas presented results in some writing or not. In addition, I also want the process to invoke a sense of joy.

Those times I have considered making a Story bible for my speculative fiction novel, it has felt like an excuse for procrastination. Though fun, I suspected I wouldn’t write much.

I think it is because I thought of it as an elaborate background story gone wild but it made me a lot wiser when I looked up different series bible. Here it feels more like being a good host and welcoming guests by introducing them to people, give them a tour of the house and entertain.

It inspired me to give it a try for this week’s theme for Nano prep namely world-building. I decided to go about it in two ways. First, I would write down a paragraph about the ten most important places in my story. For doing this I made this printable.

Secondly, I would keep applying the principles from Save the cat Writes a Novel by writing down the most important place for each of the 15 beats.

The process of this brings a lot of clarity and that always helps my writing. And as always, the act of writing made me discover new things about the world I am creating.

I enjoy this prepping time and I am feeling much more ready for November than in previous years.

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