NaNo Prep 101 week three | Outline with Flashcards

This week I asked myself whether I will go on with the new idea for NaNoWriMo or finally write the last portion of my speculative fiction novel that I have worked on forever.

The Save the Cat method made me realize something important about the middle part of that story, which could help the plot along. The excitement this invokes made me go with the old story.

In no way does it feel like a waste of time to have gone through the preparation of coming up with a new plot idea. It was a nice brush-up and now the new idea can lay buzzing in hibernation until the arrival of spring. For October and November, I am ready to get a lot of writing done.

Planner Pantser Plantser?

I took the planner, pantser, plantser quiz from the NaNoWriMo website and I was a clear pantser.
I write most easily when I sit undisturbed, summon an inner picture, and then just hit the keyboard. What makes you get into a good writing streak?

However, I also feel excited about the Save the Cat approach because it is tangible, and it makes my busy brain more relaxed to know it has something to plan out.

One of the questions in the quiz was something about how one would plan a trip. I like to stroll around in a big city, but at the same time, I prefer to know which city and for how long. And a visit to a cafe and a bookshop is always on the itinerary. In the same way, I like to stroll around my story and be surprised by what is just around the corner, but I prefer to know, for example, the genre and main events. When all come to all, I am probably a plantser.

My Plan for NaNo Prep Week Three + free printable

So this is my plan, I will fill out the Save the cat outline in a brainstorm and then update whenever I do some writing prompts and sprints to let myself be surprised by what shows up.

I liked the idea of writing all the scenes down helter-skelter and then sorting them out afterwards.
I ended up with the decision to try out the following approach.

First, I wrote out the main points from the Save the Cat book on a dot grid printable. Then I printed out some more and cut it out into flashcards. Now all I have to do is to fill out the flashcards with the scenes suitable for each beat. In that way, I have the freedom to move them around, toss them or add to the scene list. And I can use them for writing ideas down that turned up while free writing and brainstorming scenes.

for best result Print A4 borderless and then cut out.

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