Fall | Capsule Wardrobe – author style

I have a habit of letting my mornings run into my working hours. Though I will sit at the desk it would still be in my night pajamas and with unruly hair. Sometimes it helps me stay in the flow but most often it keeps my brain a little foggy despite the amount of morning coffee. That is why I have decided for this fall to dress up to mark the beginning of my writing working hours. And to help myself do that I am assembling a capsule wardrobe.

To optimize a wardrobe is akin to editing. The essential part is to get rid of what is not working and to optimize the rest. Making a capsule wardrobe follows the same principle but imagine it as a short story. Only the essentials and only stretching over a short time span. Here meaning a season.

For this fall I am working from home and I am trying to get in shape after having a baby so comfort is my keyword for choosing items to wear. But more quality comfort than lazy comfort.

I like to go for 25 pieces of clothing for each season not counting underwear, socks, training clothes, and nightwear. The best part of assembling a capsule wardrobe is that I don’t go for a lot of spur of the moment buys and can spend on a quality item instead. To me, that means silk and wool.

For this fall it looks like this |

If you want to fill out your own I also made this printable PDF

I am also applying the principles to my writing paraphernalia and the things I stuff in my handbag. One notebook, one pen, one bag. My laptop, phone and wallet. A facemist, a lip balm, and a water bottle. That’s it.

But what does all this has to do with my writing one might ask. I don’t quite know yet but I am hoping it will help me be more refreshed in the morning and shortcut the decision time so that I instead can sit at the desk ready to work feeling my best.

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