Goal Setting for NaNoWriMo Camp July

In this post, I share two videos on how to set up target goals in the writing software Scrivener and Novlr


I share a free printable made for camp where I can break down my overall goal.

Forgotten goals

I open up my Scrivener document to prepare for NaNoWriMo Camp. I want to type in the target for the project I am going to work on in July and I see that the date setting is 31th of July.

Apparently, I already choose this deadline for myself at the beginning of the year. I am now asking myself how I could forget because I even wrote about it in a blog post. The harm is not that bad because I am more or less on target if I keep writing in July.

But I have a bad habit of setting up goals and then either not completing them or readjust them endlessly.

So my first camp commitment is to set a goal and to break up the goal in smaller chunks so that I can follow through on them each week. This way I shouldn’t feel overwhelmed at the end of the month. With NaNoWriMo Camp starting it is now time to make my goal and first draft a reality.

I started out writing my project in Scrivener but to gain clarity for this last spurt I am using the writing software Novlr for camp. Both programs have a goal-setting tool and in the following two videos I share the basics of how I set up my target goals.

If you want to set up your goals as well here is my recommendation on how to.

  • Action steps

    Watch the two videos further down and if you use Scrivener or Novlr set up your goal if you haven’t already. But even if you don’t you can watch as an inspiration on how to break up the writing tasks to reach your target.

  • Now that you have a target print out the free printable and write down your milestones for the month.

  • Set a time and date to begin (preferably today) and if you want to map out the entire month you can use this calendar.

Goal setting with Scrivener

This was my overall goal of 65000 words.

Goal setting with Novlr

This is my camp goal of 10000 words.

Camp Milestones in July + free printable

My goal is to write 10000 words from 1st of July with a deadline of 31th of July

I break by milestones up as four weeks and those become my mini-goals. (The last week is for catching up) My milestones for each week are where to write, when to write, word count, and inspiration resource.

Here is the printable if you want to write down your milestones.

(For best result print as A4 without border)

Now of to camp and some writing

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