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A home practice for writing

This April I share some earlier blog posts sorted under 3 different writing-related categories. This is how I hope to offer some together apart inspiration during these stay at home times. Each blog post is filled with multiple ideas for cultivating a home practice for writing.

1 | Stay at home stories – Journals

This is a time I will be able to remember but often the details of the every day still manage to slip through our memory when the tough times are over that is why a journal can be such a treasure later on. They can also function as a way to keep the mind focused so it does not scatter around the scary.

A confession album

A commonplace book

A dream journal

A themed notebook

A Writers journal

This spring I am planning to write in my gratitude journal again, to continue with my garden journal and when the world opens up again to start a nature journal ( I recommend looking all those different journal ideas up on Pinterest). The writers spin on it I will share on the blog later on.

2 | Stay in with Camp NaNoWriMo

Today I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal is to edit an old novella and do some rewriting to fit in the protagonist’s experience of the coronavirus. I always liked the novella but felt like something was missing and the other day something clicked. A lockdown and self-imposed isolation would make the story more cohesive and I believe in the power of transforming difficult times by being creative. My mind is anyway occupied with this which makes it difficult to conjure the stamina to write on my memoir. So editing and rewriting it is.

If you need some inspiration for home activities to reach your goal for Camp NaNoWriMo here are some suggestions

Watch an Oscar Movie (now with Devs on HBO I am going to watch Ex Machina from the 2017 list)

Set up Scrivener

Connect with your book idea

Listen to your book idea

3 | Stay organized

Writingdates started as a blog on how to organize my days of writing. I wanted it to be some kind of virtual planner and an organizational tool for my writing life. I soon realized I am a little too whimsical to only focus on this aspect. I am still posting the monthly and weekly calendars but the organizing tips are not the posts that figure most on the blog. Nevertheless, I find a lot of comfort in sorting out my stuff and love the clarity it brings when I declutter my way through overwhelm. Here are the suggested posts on how I get an overview of the things I surround myself with as a writer.

Choose 5 items for your writing bag

Declutter your papers

Keep track of your books

Choose a pen

A home practice for April

I hope that some of the ideas have inspired a wish to write and create. Otherwise, feel free to use the monthly and weekly calendar in a way that fits your needs for a nurturing home practice. You can download the calendar here.(for best result print A4 without border)

If some of the shared posts did spark an idea follow this timeline to map out April.

  • Choose category 1,2 or 3 to focus on or mix and match and then decide on 3 ideas to try

  • Use the monthly calendar and plot in when you are going to try each of the 3 chosen ideas

It could look like this

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