Map it out March

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In the last blog post, I shared how one of the important features of the commonplace book is that all the entries in it should be put to use and not just pile on top of each other.

I am a big fan of Pinterest and when you google the term “commonplace books” articles show up that compare this social platform with a modern take on the commonplace book. It is a compilation of all the best ideas and sorted by interests.

My boards are mainly related to creative writing and I can get lost in browsing all the new suggestions and I love to be able to contribute with ideas and pins. When I read that Pinterest resembles the old form for compiling useful information I thought that the part about applying it also holds for all those pins and boards.

That reinforced my practice which I have tried to incorporate lately namely to use the feature “Tried pins – photos and comments” on Pinterest. I choose five pins each week and schedule them into my calendar. This is actually the practice through which I learned about the commonplace book in the first place.

In week 9 I tried printing out on sticky notes, I started a commonplace book, and I am looking forward to setting up one of my typewriters as a guestbook. I also really like the suitcase I gave some paint and which now contains some of my notebooks.

I use to browse through the suggested pins each week to pick out five but for March I will map it out for the entire month on my board write, listen and lighten up

To find “Writingdates” on Pinterest click here and I hope the boards will inspire your writing life. And if you try one of the ideas perhaps share it as a pin try this March. Either way, I hope the monthly calendar inspires you to schedule something writing-related and a writing date.

Action step | Print out the monthly calendar and the weekly schedule (best result – print without border) and if you are on Pinterest and there is a pin you want to try this month write it in the calendar.

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