Back to School Schedule

It is back to school time and even though

and also for Creative Writing

Scroll down for the free download. The printable comes in a color block version and a more ink-friendly dotted version

I love the back to school energy of September. My school days are long gone by but I still love to stack up on new school supplies such as notebooks, pens and class schedules. Instead of plotting in math lessons and homework I plan my writing time and choose the books I want to read.

I made this “Days of Writing” schedule for myself hoping it also could be useful for another fellow writer.

Two steps to fill out your back to writing schedule

1 |Begin to fill out the basics

  1. First, write down the number of the week in the top right corner
  2. In the right column write down the writing project you will focus on
  3. Then write down the book you will read this week and add any ideas you think will bring some extra inspiration

2 |Fill in the days of the week

  1. First, choose the days you are going to write
  2. Then write the specifics for the things you will be writing on the chosen days
  3. Finish off by writing down your word count of the day

Print out four copies of the one you choose to use (one for each week of September) and make sure to set the print to A4 borderless


Examples of a week of writing

This is how my week 36 looked like on Tuesday

My writing schedule week 36. Fill in work in progress, book you are reading and any other kind of inspiration. End up with a lot of days of writing and add those word counts.

Filled out this on Tuesday so jotted down the poem I wrote on Monday and the word count for the scene I wrote on Tuesday. Thursday I am planning to write one of the missing scenes in the first act that will link the plot together I am going for 1500 words. On Friday I will write a new blog post on how to set up Scrivener in a more personalized way.

I am new on Goodreads where I follow the Group “Around the year in 52 books”. I fell a little behind because I picked “Daniel Martin” by John Fowles for week 34 and I am waiting to pick up my reservation for “Educated” in the local library which will fit for the topic of week 36.

It has been a good week if I wrote a little every day and at least read one book. This schedule makes sure I set myself up for doing just that.

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