How to choose a pen for writing

Is there a future book signing in these pens. My Parker Fountain pen and my Parker ballpoint pen

For my birthday I was so lucky to be gifted with two pens. One a fountain pen and the other a regular ballpoint pen. Some years ago I got myself a duplicate of a long-lost but loved pen. So it turned out that I now have an ink fountain pen, a ballpoint pen and, a rollerball pen as my go-to writing tools. So how to choose a pen for writing.

Choose the right pen for –

Different kinds of writing |

When I am writing my morning pages, I use my fountain pen because it glides over the page and due to the easy accumulation of pages, it reminds me of an old magical book when I flip through the pages to see the light blue steady handwriting.

For taking notes, I use my ballpoint pen. I take notes rather rapidly all across the page, so I like that it doesn’t smudge. I also use it for my calendar and planner.

When I write in my journal or on my WIP, I use the rollerball because it is a good mix between the other two pens. The ink stands out clearly on the paper and encourages me to keep on writing but in an informal way that makes it easy to cross over a word or line. The only disadvantage is that it shows through to the other side of the paper.

Sometimes I mix it up. That way, I also keep it from turning into a bad excuse for not writing if I don’t have the right pen.

What is your preferred pen for a current writing draft in progress?

Different Places |

The fountain pen belongs on the desk only rarely do I bring it with me. The ballpoint pen is the smallest in size, so that is one I keep in my small wallet clutch when I am out. The rollerball pen keeps getting lost because I use it all around the place. Usually, I find it again tucked away in the couch, luckily with the cap on.

Different Times a Day |

As already mentioned, I use the fountain pen in the morning. The ink runs down the pen, so I would have to sit straight up. Laying down, I go for the ballpoint pen. If I am at home during the day, I use all of them. Writing at a cafe, I use the rollerball.

Special Occasions |

I once heard that you are not supposed to let other people write with your fountain pen in that way it gets extra special when you have to sign a document or give your signature. I applied the same “rule” to my ballpoint pen because it feels like my special kind of pen because of the turquoise color. But I think I broke the rule again after only two weeks because I wanted a friend to sign his just-published book. That sparked the dream of me doing my own book signing someday. My plan then is to go out and get a special pen for only the purpose of making that moment even more magical.

Signed Books and Signatures

Every time I go to a book event and the author offers to sign the book I bring an example of the current book talked about or my favorite one by that same author. The last time I got a signature it was from author Jennifer Egan who wrote one of my favorite books, A Visit from the Goon Squad, so I was so star-struck that I didn’t even see which pen she was using.

Here is a small section of the signed books I own.

Now – Pick your favorite pen and practice your signature and when you land on the one you like, rip it out and keep it on your desk as a symbol of your cmmitment to your writing.

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