5 Ways to Choose a Themed Notebook

Sometimes the best thing about writing is the chance to buy a new notebook

My new notebook for my new novel.

I knew I wanted a new notebook for my new story idea but I didn’t know which one. Instead, I adopted the motto “I know it when I see it”

I know it when I see it

Browsing a bookstore I first piled up with some new books and a Moleskine notebook but when I was about to leave I saw a rack with Paperblank notebooks. The one on the picture was the only one left with this particular motive. In my story “Matter and Flutter” astrology plays an important role so when I saw the cover I knew.

The only thing holding me back is that it is so pretty that I haven’t broken it in yet.

The last story I worked on also had its own notebook. That one I got as a gift. I love the owls and the lock and that the yellow paper fits the atmosphere of the story. That one was without lines. The astrology themed one is with faded lines and a little bit thicker paper.

I think a themed notebook is a good way to connect with the story . It is a visual reminder that I can trust my ability to come up with ideas. If I don’t have the patience or wants to help the process along I pick one of the five ways listed below to help me to choose.

Five ways to choose a themed notebook

  1. Choose a color that symbolizes the feeling the story you want to tell invokes. Then find a notebook in that color.
  2. Pick an element from the story that you know will play a role in the telling of the story and be on the lookout for a notebook with this on the cover – perhaps a flamingo.
  3. Choose something that your protagonist loves or hates or an even better one that displays her wants and/or obstacles.
  4. Decide on the genre and pick a notebook that embodies that genre
  5. Just choose a notebook that you love – the theme then is “My devotion to writing”

For “Matter and Flutter” it turned out to fit with the second suggestion. But for the logbook I also keep for this story I picked the last one. –

I write therefore I am

How is the notebook of your next story going to look? Do you already have one for the one you are writing now? Whatever your choice of a notebook I wish you a happy writing date.

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