Create a Creative writing capsule

How to use the idea of the capsule wardrobe on your writing tools

I really like the various ideas on the few item wardrobe organization. Often my desk is filled with books I am reading, notebooks in use, old ones I am revisiting and snippets of paper and other creative outlets. When I use it is a good thing but sometimes it is also creating a lack of focus. When you look up a capsule wardrobe you are presented with carefully selected items that bring the owner joy. I have tried to do the same here with my writing items for spring. 

  • In use notebook
  • A writer’s journal for settings and landscapes
  • Blog notes
  • Folder with a draft ready for editing
  • New novel in progress binder
  • Idea folder for a course in creative writing
  • Pens

I plan to use this idea of the capsule  again for a summer selection.

How do you declutter and organize your writing projects?

Feel free to share in the comment section

Another idea I got from this is that I could make an actual capsule wardrobe for my characters in my new novel. I think it is a fun exercise – perfect for a pinterest board. 

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