Figure out why you are not writing

Stationery for your own creative writing date

Ten struggles that stems the writing flow according to Dorothy Brande

As it is often said you need to detect the root of the problem in order to heal or fix it. If you are not writing the author Dorothy Brande mentions some reasons in her first chapter of her book “On Becoming a Writer” as to why the writer is struggling.

I have tried to list them here, citing her own words.

Root causes for not writing

  1. “Youth and humility”

  2. “self-consciousness that stems the flow”

  3. “misapprehensions about writing”

  4. “embarrassment of scruples”

  5. “the impatience at being unable to repeat a success can pass into discouragement and go on to actual despair”

  6. “some notion of waiting for the lightning of inspiration to strike”

  7. “such ideals of perfection as can hardly bear the light of day”

  8. “a touchy vanity which will not risk any rebuff and so will not allow anything to be undertaken which is not assured in advance of acceptance”

  9. “a lack of self confidence to present the idea well”

  10. “too shy to write as fully and emotionally as he needs to write”

              I have felt all of them at various stages and I am planning to share ideas to deal with it in future posts. For now my suggestion is to select one from the list and write about how that particular issue has kept you from writing (10 minutes). Then list ten ways to embrace it in a way that could inspire you to do some writing (10 minutes). Now for the fun part free write for 15 minutes about whatever flows from your heart. 

Here is the one-page stationery PDF for you to print out as many times you want for your own special writingdate. Just click the link under the image. 

a writing datestationery a writing date

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